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HostPicker was launched at the end of June 2015 as a side project for another site. At the time of release, it was focused on the game called Garry's Mod and all the data used was manually collected.

At the start of July 2015, the system finally received its own domain and the automatic scraper started taking form. The next many months the site continued improving with various minor to medium updates.

The next major update was launching at the start of May 2017 and is the current version you are looking at right now. It featured various improvement like company replies, reports, better scraping and most importantly TrustPilot integration.


You may review a company when you have either purchased a product/service or have had some other interaction with the company (such as sales support) that you are able to document.

You may only write about your own experience with the company and you must not be affiliated with the company or any other company conducting business in the same category.

Reviews should not contain any kind of private information, personal attacks, unneeded profanity or references to other companies.

Reviews can be reported by clicking on the red report button at the bottom right of the review. When a report is received it will be investigated as soon as possible.

If you own the business in question you may report the review from your company dashboard. Filing a company report will make the report unreadable while the report is investigated.

Reviews can be removed for various reasons. In most cases, reviews are removed because of undocumented purchases or interactions that are in breach of our review guidelines.

If you have any questions about removed reviews feel free to contact support!


You may only ask for reviews from customers. The best way to ask is either to include the link on your website or in the welcome email.

Asking for reviews in personal fan groups, community chats or etc. should be refrained from as it may cause false reviews.

You can read all about the requirements and different steps to becoming a part of the HostPicker database here: For Companies

The overall rating is calculated by the average of the HostPicker rating and any other ratings from our integrations. Use of integrations:

  • TrustPilot: Half of your TrustScore.

The HostPicker rating is calculated using a technique called Bayesian Average that takes into account the average amount of reviews and average rating. This technique makes the rating more reliable in case of companies with few reviews.

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