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Stay away from them. Worst support i have ever seen. and their cpu offer is bullshit

Great prices, Awesome game panel, Great support Best host there is.

+5 = I haven't been with Crident too long but its safe to say I will not be leaving any time soon. Great performance and low latency ! Amazing services. -1 = Crident offer Australia as a location which is amazing, however they seem to answer your support tickets during UK hours meaning a typical aussie will be sleeping when they reply, Meaning that this might take some time for your issue to be resolved.

Since having a server hosted by crident, I can definitely say I'm impressed with their service. I've used other hosts such as NFO, gmchosting, and fragnet and the quality and support doesn't compare to cridents. I also like their approach to designing their own control panel which is very sleek compared to the older tcadmin that most hosting companies still use.

They have Great customer service that has been nice every time I have needed. The main problem I had was that they didn't have the option to Mount TF2, DoD:S, and Some Have had a few Lag problems on their recommended settings on my server. Their prices are pretty good too!

Ashton Chelf
My experience is okay, it's amazing pricing but tbh I believe you should get more storage. I have 50 addons and I pay $10 and with 4 people online, the server lags.

My experience has honestly been amazing with Crident, the support was amazing when I had issues and there is so many features in there amazing game panel, that will make your lifes easier trying to make a server!

A lot of usefull features, a nice-looking interface and an active customer support ... The best hosting service right now !

Great prices Great support Need to restock servers more had to wait a while to buy a server

𝕎𝕠𝕝𝕗𝕚𝕖 ✔
Good support i have never had any issues with the servers they host i rate this server hoster a 10 out of 10

Adam please, it's me aaron
My hosting experience here has been great, with occasional mishaps, but were all solved by the professional developers. I say anyone that wants a cheap, reliable host. Go to crident!

My experience with them is really good because they offer great prices and support I've gotten a response within 30 minutes!

First of all I have to say of all Hosters i Used already crident is the best gmod Server Hoster really good Support ans very friendly. But i Wish you had More Server Spots like middle Europe

Very good host, stellar performance, and great staff! Even gave extra days to my service due to a stock shortage.

When I first started looking for gmod Server hostings it was scarce as all the hosts were charging by player slots which could really get expensive. Now Crident was completely different when I stumbled upon them. They sold by cpu making it so much easier to get a reasonable price for a server. Overall support is fantastic, how they do there support in discord and there fast ticket response. Probably the best host I’ve seen. They also run a really nice gamepanel that I’ve never seen before until I bought a server. It seems really clean and smooth, easy to use Not many suggestions other than the available games they host. But it takes time to get a game hostable. Overall amazing company.

I am still to find a host as dedicated as crident. They have such dedication to make sure their customers have an enjoyable experience. I have to say one of their best qualities is their unique game panel. It brings so much more satisfaction when trying to operate a server that you have a reliable game panel like Dino panel at crident. I would reccomend crident to anyone looking for a serious Garry's Mod server.

Benjamin Sandén
Crident is really good! best i've tried! Their Support may be a little slow at times. They now what they are doing and can allways answer questions. You will not regret picking them!

Really, really bad host. I have used them before. There staff are rude and the waiting time takes ages. Its honestly not worth the hassle. I am now on another host and like it more. Never using again. Useful

In the just about 30 hours I have had my server it has preformed me well, the only issues I have ever had were due to addons and nothing to do with the host, it was a pleasant switch from my old host which was charging me the same price for 32 slots that I pay now for as many as I need, Support is good because most of them own their own communities therefore have a good knowledge on how to fix issues and make it very personal and to the point. I thought my other host was good, but this one is better and will definitely be recommending this to all of my friends.

The best host I ever used. Great support Great prices Awesome community

Not for u
bill host, love the fact how its spec based and not slot bassed. i think crident will be come the best host in years to come!!!!!

I use Crident for host my community. It's awesome. Very nice support, And I love pay for CPU and not for slots. Just Amazing.

My Server Is Lag Free Now! Even With over 150 Addons, I Really Love The Panel And Support Is Amazing!

Faces: ᐛ ˙͜>˙
Recently having to move away from a different host because of a billing issue not allowing me to pay my server bills I moved onto Crident Networks, I got the server upgraded to 125% asap and put TFA's nzombie server on it, it gets a good flow of 2 digit players and we have triple digit zombie limits that being said it's very very heavy on the server. Crident has been able to hold the server up way better than most shared hosts we've used, so far on the host side (aka their gamepanel, n' hardware) we've had 0 problems, Trixter (their lead developer) even helped us more than our previous host could by getting crash dumps to be created. From a customer perspective, Crident is a very great host, the only issues you can ever have is if you have no idea what you're doing, everything about the host themselves is stable and smooth. Also their gamepanel is wayyyyy better than TCAdmin by far.

I used to host a gameserver with Crident that ran fairly smoothly with 30 players on that sadly died in roughly 2 months. That being said, throughout the duration of those two months, it took people on their 'Support' team NUMEROUS days to finish a simple task for example, 'a refund' took from January 9th of last year to the 12th to be processed. From the perspective of a paying customer like myself, shows a lack of dedication or resources to bring to the table, which makes it very sad to rate a fast host, slow at something so simple. My take: If you want a dedicated support with fast servers, this company may not be the best choice for you. If you are just looking for a simple host that isn't very user-friendly, then Crident is for you.

Sleepy - join me!
Pricing - I am extremely happy with the price that I am paying for my Garry's Mod server. Crident is one of the cheapest yet most reliable game server hosts around. Gamepanel - The gamepanel is so user friendly its unreal. After using TC Admin for months, Crident's panel has made me realise how bad TC Admin actually is. You can tell that Crident have spent a lot of time working on this to make user experience amazing. Quality - I'm currently running DarkRP with 32 players online and the server is handling it perfectly. I am extremely happy with the quality of the game server. I would not go anywhere else

I've been switching between hosts for years now, recently though, after a recommendation from my friends Daave, I have finally found the best host. This hosting company is purely community driven and you can tell they really care about there customers. I'd recommend crident before any other hosting company.

Rory K
Crident currently host my Garry's Mod and Community Forums. The services were instantly setup, easy to use and run smooth as butter! When i had an issue, i opened a support ticket and within 5 minutes i was sorted. Amazing service with a great price, what more could you ask for?

The service was instantly delivered, professional support when we encountered problems with web host. Recommended - Preck

amazing company the support is pretty good in my eyes always had someone respond when i needed them but the server performance is where it is at extremely fast speed and no downtime i would recommend to any server owner who wants to change for the better

Great and quick support, active staff/leadership team and overall a great host for any kind of server with their unique hosting strategy.

Albert Arnold
The hosting is great, and affordable 29 dollars for 50gb and 125% CPU Usuage, but they only have 3 locations and theyre support is slow. i suggest 100% for TTT, and 150% for darkrp

Stewart Millar
Having purchased my first server the setup was simple and quick, no issues the new Dino panel is so much better than tcadmin as it is more user friendly. I also purchase web hosting after having a good experience and the support are great when you need to setup custom domain and use nameservers. definately using them again

The Dishonored
I had a bit of a bumpy start due to some new servers in a different country having small issues. But the staff team were helpful and the owner himself jumped onto the case and fixed the issue in a matter of minutes! They apologized and gave me some compensation to say sorry. Really kind people; and after the server issues were fixed the server ran flawlessly!!

Gryphon CSGO Content
If you are not using crident what is happening in your life? This service blew my mind when I first decided to switch to it, I got a 20 slot server for just 2 pounds! The support is amazing, they feature a Discord where you can live chat with there support team and other server owners. They are really nice and gave me extra days to say sorry for downtime which wasn't even there fault. You should switch now!

Slender V2
ive had multiple servers with crident including gmod and csgo which have both worked perfectly

some weeb
My experience with Crident has been amazing. Someone is always there to help with any of my issues.

I recently started a server on Crident, and it has been a great experience. There hasn't been any downtime on my garry's mod server itself, although the TCAdmin control panel was down for ~24hrs, but I believe that was a rare occasion. They are also working on a new control panel, which will be even better than it already is. Very easy to manage for a new server owner, cheap prices, and great performance. Their support is outstanding, tickets get answered, they are also not automated. They also have a discord server where you can get even more help from either the staff team or the other server owners.

Rhys Graham
This is one of the best hosting companies i've used! Only ever had 1 issue which was a simple problem and support helped me figure it out within an hour! Great hosting

Cameron Lopez
I've currently got web hosting and a game-server with Crident and its been great! You can use their discord or website to get support and they respond within 5-10 minutes. The website has a great interactive design, the staff team are friendly and have answered all the problems that I've had. I would seriously suggest this Host if you are considering Running a server yourself.

Daniel Green
Never had an issue with Crident best provider out there, Customer service is on point. The Servers were impeccable. Even with a control panel that's having issues (not their fault), they still provide quality service In short, if I couldn't fix it they could.

I have been using Crident for a while now and their servers are barely ever down and have no issues rebooting. The support they offer is also great! I usually get a response on a ticket within an hour and on their Discord Server I usually get a response within 10 minutes. So all in all, Crident is one of the best hosts out there!

Ive currently got two servers with this host and i cannot fault them at all. They are consistantly up, The Portal they have for Host accessability is great (even for first time users) and the staff team are really friendly with helping with problems that im having (even Non-host related ones) I would seriously suggest this Host if you are considering Running a server yourself

James Dickenson❤
Wow, noice.

Crident's support team responds extremely fast to their support tickets Solid server overall, definitely a five-star

[XG] I Eat Baby Koalas
Crident is not perfect, there are some flaws but what matters is constant improvement about thoseflaws, they usually provide a steady and marvelous service but sometimes some unexpected errors occur, and for those situations their fast acting support team is the best you could ever ask for. People are often discouraged from using support tickets due to their slowness , well, that isn't the case at all with crident! Upon sending the support ticket you get a response usually within 30 minutes, I've gotten phone holds that last longer than that, their support ticket system is simply outstanding and I encourage people to use it before deciding on the company's worth. Another thing that I'm amazed at is their DDoS protection, it's good enough to not even know if you're being DDoSed or not. Last but not least their owner is incredible and a very kind person, always ready to help and doesn't turn his back on anyone, helped us a lot and is one of the kindest people I've ever seen.

Probably the best hosting company i ever used. The support team is amazing , usually if you make a support ticket you will get a response within 30 minutes. The ddos protection is amazing as well its just bulletproof. The prices are also very cheap for how good crident networks is. I recommend crident to anyone.

Jack O Lantern
Crident networks is a hosting company which I have been a customer with for a long time now. My experience is with crident is cheap and it is very steady all the time. The support with crident is also good, every time I have needed the support I have gotten it within 2 hours. The owner Jack is also a nice chap which, is always ready to help you

BTS | Nioxed
Alright. So where to start? You get what you pay for, And then a bit extra. Honestly for just under 15 pound you are not going to find this quality. I've had to make a couple of support tickets and most of them we're handled under 30 minutes. (Not just response, Fixed.) I've dealt with multiple hosts before, This one is the best of all.

One of the best hosting services ive ever used. The owner is ana amazing lad who helps with pretty much anything. He is always free to do a favour etc. Service is extremly cheap and lag free. If their is a problem with your server thats their fault he makes sure to refund you for the next few months. He is a great guy and one of the best hosting companies ive ever saw, I highly recomend for easy fast and reliable servers. Not to mention the staff team are very friendly and responsive. :) 10/10

Aaron - Celestial Networks
Great support from Crident, whenever i needed some help with server set up they would help me almost intently. The servers are not laggy at all from what i have experienced.

Cryption -
How can I start? I have been with Crident for a while now, suggested by a friend of mine who's server was constantly being ddosed, he moved to Crident and all of the ddosing stopped, "No Bullshit - Just Bulletproof." far bar the best quote I have seen in a long time, I have never been ddosed in my time with Crident, and although they have been getting a lot of shit, they have stayed strong and fought through this period of time. Moving on to support, Whenever I have needed help, I have created a ticket, and 9 times out of 10 I have received support within 30 minutes, on a rare occasion it may take a bit longer, but of course that's what it's going to be, no host can provide instant support because they're always busy. The support at Crident is way better than any I have received elsewhere. Prices The prices are very cheap for how good the service is, and I don't see many other hosts with such a great service and such a cheap price. They have matched their prices with the other hosts pretty much, at a standard base of £10 GBP. General Recently Crident has been getting bullied by other hosts, one of the main ones being KryptonNetworks, a lot of hosts have been 'talking shit' and making Crident lose customers by them spreading shit. I have one thing to say, Ignore them, they are trash themselves, I infact used to work for KryptonNetworks, and all I seemed to hear was them shit talking Crident. I would recommend this service to anyone, they're fast, bulletproof and overpowered. One word to sum up experience with Crident and Crident itself: Amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

This Is Honestly One Of The Best Hosting I have Seen In A While

Crident is for me the best hosting. Its lag free, and they got good support. They will get your problems fixed 100%

Derek - Celestial Networks
Crident is by far the best and the most supportive game hosting servers out there, they have a great support team and got back to me very fast, i highly recommend Crident Networks as your main game host.

This host has absolutely no lag at all and even though I live in the us. I would still buy a UK location if there wasn't a us location just because of the excellent performance and friendly support. Edit: Still after a while, amazing performance and their game panel is amazing to work with :)

[V-RP] NB™ Dylan
From me and my friend's server, we are very happy with the service we are paying for/working for. It has very friendly staff who know what they are doing. This is a perfect network for the games it has hosts for. Definitely head your way to this host, it is cheap and reliable. Has all the things you were needed to start off the server, then adding addons etc is made easy with their admin panel. Recommended for starting a server and later on when growing more population, their servers can hold tons of people without much lag. Their support is sometimes slow but not all the time, during the night they don’t reply till the morning so recommended to make a ticket during day and they will definitely reply to you quickly

Lacking many popular maps on the pack installer for gmod, same for mods etc. I did expect a bit more to be honest. The location listed as EU/UK, has nothing to do with the UK. Its in France. Support is quite slow, many times taking longer than 6-10 hours for a response. (I guess this guy is still in school during these hours maybe?) From what I can see during traceroutes, their protection simply uses the standard VAC filtering at ovh. Which is quite decent in itself, but they may be hyping it a bit much.

? ConnorMeister
We have been with cirdent for quite a bit now, and it is one of the most amazing hosts I have ever seen, if you need help withanything they respond to you within 12 hours ( thats from my experience) they have good packages for cheap prices and you can always rely on them to be up and running most if the time :) this company by far is the best host in my opinion and many others!

Cody Evans
We used Crident service multiple times, then we tried to move to some dedicated stuff, but we always end up returning to Crident. This is simply the best service you can find. The customer support is the best you can get there, the technical as well. Simply marvelous. I r8 it 8/8

In the past, I was with Crident and I have had no problems wit them, Crident has amazing customer service and their servers are just simply amazing, recommend these guys.

one word i can think of using for my experience with Crident is AMAZEBALLS. I have never felt happier with customer service in my life. Simply AMAZEBALLS

Dillon |
I've used Crident Networks for a while now, and it's only got better and better! The hosting really is bulletproof! I recommend this if you're looking to start a community or private use, simply the best.

No Bullshit - Just Bulletproof. One of the best quotes I've seen from a hosting company and they can back it up. I went from a server crashing and lagging almost daily to the most stable and reliable hosts I've ever had the pleasure of working with. My switch to Crident was truly a great experience, practically 24/7 support, strong servers, and a growing community.

[Crimson] Uesto
What can I say about CridentNetworks? Awesome hosting company. In my opinion, one of the best in Europe. It's at Crident where first server of my polish network, Crimson Gaming came to life. For those thinking of opening servers n UK, France or overally Europe - I highly recommend CridentNetworks.

I was impressed by the marketing and decided to give them a go and it was well worth it. It was affordable and the support when required were great and really helpful. The servers runs well and I honestly wish I found them sooner!

Where do I start? This hosting company is one of the best companies I have been with for years, yes, all the others are good, but this one is better than good. The support is top notch, only had one problem ever with my time with them and it was dealt with within 24 hours, which I found amazing. But, not only is that excellent but as well as the actual game servers, bought and setup instantly with no problems, runs fine, as well as the DDoS protection which is one of the best out there! I'd recommend this hosting company to anyone looking to run a stable and excellent server/community!

Crident is the best hosting company I've been with. When I bought my servers I got immediate access to the control panel so I could start work straight away! The customer support is amazing they're always willing to help out with any issues that you have. Their hosting is also cheap compared to other companies but that doesn't mean their server quality is any less than the top companies! Would definitely recommend.
Crident provides the best garry's mod servers and i have experienced almost none downtime which are also very powerful. Also the support response time is awesome. I recommend crident to everyone.

Despite the recent controversy with Crident, their service was solid. It's extremely good for people who are starting up a server, 10 pound for a 32 slot server is very good if you're looking for an easy manageable service. The only thing i can say about crident in a negative way is the fact that support is slow. I remember buying a "Development Server" addon for my product but when i asked support about opening the development server for me they never got back to me.

Crident Networks provides high quality hosting at an affordable rate and has the best customer support I've ever seen from a hosting company. I use them for all my servers and would recommend them to anyone looking for a host.

| Gaster/Troy |
Overall amazing support team that takes less then 20 minutes to respond unlike other hosts. The packages are nice and affordable for any trying to have either a small server or big community, The DDoS protection is god-like and will take a whole lot of ddos attacks to even phase the server. I highly recommend Crident over a majority of other hosts

Max (?_?)
I have used Crident since the start and I would highly recommend it to anyone. They have cheap prices and bulletproof servers which hold up extremely well under stress. They also have amazing support and would recommend them to anyone as I have had bad experiences which some of the support teams for other hosts. I have never had any issue with Crident and I highly suggest you choose them as a host.

By far the easiest server host to run with. Any issue (of which there are little) is sorted fast and efficiently no matter what time it is. The servers are powerful and the price tags are the fairest in the market.

SpeedBolt |
I have used Crident Networks to run a successful StarWarsRP server. Their support team is great and got back to me very quickly to sort any problems I. Their DDOS protection could successfully stop any attacks towards the server. There haven't been many problems but when there are, Crident solves them without any hassle. I know Jack (founder of Crident) so he could personally help me with any issues that I had with the server. I would definitely recommend Crident for any size servers - small private servers to large communities. They are the best company I have been with.

[HG] Rabbit
Iv been with crident for about a year now and overall it has been a great experience, what i personally believe makes crident better then others isnt just the power of the servers but how great the customer support can be with the few times there has been problems, iv had crident at 4/5am working with me personally to deal with server issues instead of just a automatic email or being told to "restart", actual real support makes a big difference.

I used it has a gmod darkrp Server and its such a good host i would recommend. Always has support. I Would Strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for a host