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Dynamic Hosting


3.84 (7 reviews)

Great hosting company

Dynamic hosting is the best hosting company because its very easy to use and customer service is outstanding. My experience so far has been amazing because When you first login it is really easy to navigate around. <3 it!

Posted at 2017-08-14 18:58:56, by: Itsdynasty


Perfect for any small server. Hosting is cheap, support is instantaneous, and you truly get what you pay for, and even more than what you pay for. The founder himself got onto my server just to fix an issue I had. Really supportive and helpful!

Posted at 2017-08-05 21:18:55, by: Jack Wemble

Cheap | Eeasy startup | Quick support

I'm very happy with the services Dynamic-Hosting deliver, They answer their customer support really quick. Some host have laggy servers but I've never got any lag on Dynamic, I saw they are making a FiveM Hosting service as well and I would love to see and use it.

Posted at 2017-07-09 15:23:09, by: [DG:TM] Flop

Most Reliable, Quickest Fixed, Lowest Down time, Cheap Prices

Well, as soon as i have any problem, it is fixed within seconds! And most of these problems are my fault, but they still manage to help! I really reccomend it!

Posted at 2017-05-28 16:30:47, by: CjxPR3D4T0R

Company Response

Hi Cj! Thanks for your feedback! Keep up the good work with your server :D


By far 'The Best' hosting provider I have come across not only do they care about their clients by fixing every issue, but also have a amazing performance, I have seen nothing compared to this. If you are looking for a decent server to run on you should most definitely choose these guys.

Posted at 2017-05-16 11:30:41, by: Fabio Hanson

Company Response

Hi Fabio, We're glad you've had an awesome experience with us. It's amazing to see servers grow like yours has, keep up the good work! Regards, James Dynamic Hosting LTD

Amazing experience and great service

There are no reasons to dislike Dynamic Hosting. Any questions you have are awnsered quickly and in a way even dumbasses like me can understand. All of that for a low price. Highly recommend Dynamic Hosting to everyone !

Posted at 2017-05-15 20:04:57, by: Shhh...

Company Response

We're extremely proud of our support team, thank you for your kind words! But hey, you're not an dumbass - everyone needs to learn somehow! :D

Gnarly Host

I'm currently using the pro package offered by Dynamic Hosting which gives me advanced DDoS protection and free web hosting, allowing me to host my website alongside my gameserver for free. Furthermore, Dynamic's support team do not hang about with support tickets. They tend to be answered within an hour of me submitting them (sometimes even within 10 minutes!) which is pretty gucci. Prices too are pretty much the best I've seen around. Would definitely recommend Dynamic.

Posted at 2017-05-15 19:19:39, by: Lewis

Company Response

Hi Lewis! Glad you're reaping the benefits of our new package. It's good to know our support team are doing a good job of keeping on top of tickets. If you submit a ticket, we'll hook you up with your own affiliate URL and discount code for your friends!