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EU Game Host


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Our Nightmare at EUGamehost

TL;DR Delivered the box with 1 month delay, gots 1600$ for 6 Months for a box that was never running a week or sometimes day without hours of downtime (malfunctioning Hardware, overheating, network issues). Excuses and lying about what really happens. Refused to replace obv. broken Parts. After we tried to downclock the box for better stability we got accused for overclocking and violating ToS and got declined for a refund after 3 Months. He did the same to several others as we got confirmed in a bigger Server Owner Community where he got kicked out for that reason. We fot evidence for all that what happened. Our Story So we got contacted by him when looked for a new dedicated Server. He promised fast delivery with 1-6 days max. We got the box like over a Month later then with excuses to broken Vans, lost Shipment in UPS and so on. When we finally received it, we had to pay 6 months in advantage (about 1600$). Then, the real nightmare started. We had nothing but issues with the box. Not a week if not day without downtimes of hours due to broken Hardware, overheating, network issues, wrong configuration on Host side and so on. Countless... really for 3 Months straight. The Battlemetrics shows the poor availability during this time. No need to say the damage in Reputation we received and that most of them what was left of the Community went away. In the last 3 weeks of stay at EUGamehost we decided to help ourself because nothing what the Hoster did helped us. We tried to use XTU (Intel Xtreme Tuning) to lower turbo clock ratios from 53 to 50 to improve system stability (so basically downclocked the box). We also noticed unusual high voltage in default settings which we reported and asked a douzen times that the CPU should be replaced (Overheating, high default voltage, system instability). Since this was not working we uninstalled the tool 2 days later. Notice that XTU doesnt change BIOS settings at all and is reset every reboot so its only a testing tool for possible values to set (thats well known and can be read on Intels site). We had no access to the BIOS since the KVM solution he tried to peovide never worked. Top of the cream was its getting even worse last month and the Server crashed almost every startup and corrupted some Files which we had to restore manually every time. We then in an emergency moved to another host. Now that we asked for a refund since the box was never ever running without issues (which got us promised by EUGamehost and we have the transcript) we got told that its denied because we violated the ToS by overclocking the box which is a complete joke as you can read above. Just as an addition, he stopped to respond to us as soon we asked for the refund in Discord. 1 week after we created the dispute we got this answer. Not that this is just a lie and telling untrue facts, the subscription still has some weeks left and we handed over the box 2 weeks ago with no action. Since we are in a bigger Server Owner Community we got confirmed that EUGamehost did a similar game to others too and for that reason got kicked out of the community. All the told above is nothing but facts which we can proof. I'm just speechless how this went and the Hoster got over 1600$ from me for a Service that never really could be used and damaged our community and made me a lot lot of work for nothing. This review is meant to be as a warning to others. Don't fall for this guy (its a 1 man Company) and his false promises and lies no matter the other reviews or whatever.

Posted at 2022-03-14 08:35:50, by: Apec9 |

delete me

delete me

Posted at 2021-08-22 13:14:53, by: Alter Ego

Absolutely amazing Rust Server Hosting.

Very, very happy with my Rust server. I run a fairly new but highly populated Rust server and their standard package has been enough to support us. I got my server on an i9 9900k which is a beast! Better than anything else I've found, the support was also fast and friendly and the DDoS protection so far has proven its self very good. No down time at all and people hate us hahahaha.

Posted at 2021-01-20 18:30:31, by: Jess


Terrible service, many unhappy customers. Don't waste your money with this company you'll never get it back when you don't get your server.

Posted at 2019-03-04 03:23:53, by: AidyyJ

Support is the worse

These guys never answer general questions that are very simple to reply to, they just close the tickets and not even give a real answer to it or even say why it was closed. Never seen a host this bad in support that doesn't care.

Posted at 2018-01-02 19:19:44, by: Ezio Firenze