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Faded Servers


4.1 (27 reviews)

Look Elsewhere or Be Cautious

I worked with Matt Murphy from Faded, he was really nice in setting me up. Little did I know that their servers are all antiquated and what they claimed to be "NVME" drives had speeds of an HDD in my benchmarks. I cancelled my service and had to chase him down for weeks to do so. For the next 3 months after I cancelled my service, Faded Servers keeps charging me. These people, and Matt, are absolute flakes who will seldom respond. Matt will never ever reply to you unless you publicly embarrass him like I did by posting my weeks' worth of hopeless attempts to get in touch with him. These are bitter people who are trying to hopefully pull a fast one on you if you're someone who doesn't pay attention. Please avoid this company.

Posted at 2021-12-01 10:47:31, by: hosting customer


Faded Servers is by far the most kind and amazing Server Host I have used thus far! I really do whole heartedly recommend their services to anyone in the market for powerful servers!

Posted at 2020-12-12 09:12:47, by: Dylan Bradley



Posted at 2020-10-07 18:40:33, by: austin brown

Amazing Service

My initial drive to Faded Servers was their comparison to price! Faded servers offered some of the best prices on VPS and Dedicated servers after comparing to my old host. Even with their cheap prices i was still offered a discount code on signup which was awesome! Once being with them for a short time i have received loads of assistance through their various avenues to get support fast and easy. Unlike other server who are strictly stuck to support tickets which take hours for responses. Faded Servers offer a discord ticketing system which is evidently faster and easier to get the support you need! Overall the team at Faded Servers are all helpful and great to approach with your issues! Recommended to anyone with any knowledge on server hosting the Faded team is there to help!

Posted at 2020-05-26 06:29:57, by: Mark

Amazing Experience

+1 To Faded Servers, Always been my Favourite Game Server Host, Using an Amazing Control Panel for my Rust Servers and Their amazing, Team who Act Quick Upon anything you need, Unlike Other hosts who use crappy custom control panels and are hard to use. If you are ever in need for a Server it has to be Faded Servers, Cheers guys!

Posted at 2019-05-29 13:50:07, by: Jacob

Extremely Lousy Support

They are lucky they have decent servers because their support is absolute garbage. I currently host 3 servers with them but at the end of this month I am going to change. I had an urgent issue with my servers which was losing me a lot of players and income to keep the servers going. I created multiple support tickets, messaged people on discord, even contacted them via the live chat. I’ve been waiting for a week to hear a response. I’m never hosting with them again. I hope they fix their support system in the future

Posted at 2019-01-20 10:16:51, by: Adam

Quality Servers, Great Prices!

Faded Servers has provided my developers with a solid and reliable foundation to develop our various game servers. The Support Team is super speedy in responding to our countless support tickets. Never once has a ticket been left unresolved. I look forward to continue playing and developing on Faded Servers.

Posted at 2018-11-24 11:40:37, by: Joshua

Useless Hosting Service

I have been running multiple servers over 6 months using these guys and have run into so many problems its ridiculous. Their support team takes anywhere from 3 days to over 2 weeks to reply to you which means you lose lots of players off your servers and most of the time they don't fix the problems but happily take your money. Their server management webpage is trash, most of the options don't even work on there and your hostname for your server will not update. Transferring files to your server bairly works sometimes. Outright i would not recommend using their service.

Posted at 2018-08-19 12:45:30, by: Peter

Worst experience

Wish i could give it 0 stars but anyways paid for service, the service want activated even though i was told it would happen the day after, still did not happen until the day after that. Had it for about 4 days and now the server is not accessible for the whole day have contacted support but no reply. Sh*t service and will now rather host at home. I DISLIKE THIS SERVICE AND DO NOT RECOMMEND

Posted at 2018-05-18 08:15:10, by: jack.collins

Quality Servers and Support

I've played on a multitude of servers hosted with Faded Servers, and currently own my own server with them, and the quality for the servers are absolutely amazing, not to mention unrivalled costs! These dudes are cheap as chips despite their top quality servers and staff. I definitely recommend Faded Servers for all your gaming, community and server needs. If you ever get stuck with something, these guys guarantee to you help you out as best they can!

Posted at 2018-04-07 12:00:28, by: Jackson

Faded Servers Review

We've been hosting with Faded Servers on a range of different servers and haven't had any issues regarding hosting. From Rust, Arma 3 and their VPS services all have outstanding performance no matter how much stress we put on the server. The DDOS protection is great compared to other server hosting companies that I've used in the past. Faded Servers has amazing 24/7 support that are dedicated to the company and in my case were willing to drop out of their game just to respond to my issue. Faded Servers has something for everyone, it doesn't matter if it's just a small cheap test server that you need or a large server for your community. Faded Servers has got you covered with cheap and reliable servers. Overall, I've had a great experience with Faded Servers and hope that you do too.

Posted at 2018-02-05 09:03:27, by: Matthew Lever

Never Fails To Impress

Faded Servers is the best, most affordable and reliable web and game server host in Australia, if not the world. I have been using Faded Servers for the last year and was impressed with sheer quality and performance of there servers for there unbeatable prices. The support on Faded Servers is impeccable with there friendly staff and quick response time, I would recommend Faded Servers to anyone.

Posted at 2018-01-10 23:33:28, by: Flying Sticks

Company Response

Thank you so much for the wonderful review, we are glad you enjoyed the service's we had to offer, and we wish you the best in your future endeavours. Regards, Matt.

Great Support

I had a problem with my dedicated server setup and the response time from the support staff was so fast and amazing and had the issue fixed quickly and efficiently. Great service would recommend it to anyone.

Posted at 2017-12-26 06:43:29, by: Jordan Gregg

Quality | Affordable | Priority Support | Recommended | Powerful

Where do i begin? This is probably the most game changer for me seriously. Eventually down the track every growing community want's their own server right? Well at least most... XtG Community AU/NZ is one of them and I'll be honest we stuck with another hosting company for about 2/3 years and we were paying top dollar for our servers, It was great service don't get me wrong but they did have their ups and downs and to be honest the price and reliability ratio with my old hosting company compared to Faded Servers was pretty confronting haha. Knowing the Owner & Operations Manager of Faded Servers for around 1/half years i was never convinced that their company was going to cut it for XtG Community AU/NZ... Until a few weeks ago we decided to re-open one of our game servers on Arma III which is a game notoriously known for chewing up hardware resources quite heavily. This required us needing a Dedicated Server but not just any. It had to be powerful, reliable and most importantly affordable, We want our players to have the best gaming experience money can buy. I was skeptical about trying out Faded Servers at first because of being with my original provider for so long i didn't just want to leave it and get disappointed with my new provider but i was absolutely wrong. For so long that i have known this company i can't believe i didn't give it a shot the first time i heard about it. It's QUALITY. It's AFFORDABLE and the support team are always going to give their 100 percent in helping with any inquiry. I know this because when i purchased a dedicated server, they noticed that one of the plans hardware requirement was not in stock. So they got in contact with me via their ticket system quite quickly. To top it off, it's the dedicated server i got (which was mid-range) is bloody powerful, not once has an XtG Community AU/NZ member said anything about performance drops within the 3 game servers hosted on this 1 dedicated server. I hope this review can show other community owner's that this is the provider to pick if you're planing on creating a project that will require a powerful dedicated server. This was written on-spot from the heart by Elite IV. I support Faded Servers. 5/5 +REP +RECOMMEND

Posted at 2017-10-07 23:29:03, by: Dolas Phanthahaksin

I recommend this hosting service

FadedServers out of the 4-5 hosting services I've used, is the most reliable server. I have used this service before, and am returning to it after finding other servers unreliable and having less quality on their servers.

Posted at 2017-09-20 09:56:38, by: Tribal Nation

Quality Service

After purchasing a service from them, it was surely the fastest setup I've witnessed. I commend FadedServers for their quality ensured services, A company founded in 2016 that hosts game servers, in Australia?! with cheap prices?! this must be a dream! I thank FadedServers for their quality ensured content!

Posted at 2017-02-14 05:51:18, by: Livid

Best host I've used!

This is by far the best and cheapest hosting in Australia. I've used 3 really big hosting companies over my time - but Faded-Servers is beats them all! There is no lag. The support is really nice and fast. I would recommend this host to anyone who is starting a community. They have a vast range of plans and game servers to choose from. This host is excellent for all types of communities.

Posted at 2017-01-21 11:12:51, by: mal0x

Cheapest and best AU hosting

it is a very cheap hosting company that is also very good. been with these guys since late 2016 and its been easy sailing with them. The guys behind it are all good, nice dudes that know what there talking about and very helpful to anyone that needs it. Iv had no problems with them my sever has never gone down and its very FPS friendly for all that have played on it. i have recommended to a friend and he swapped over and says how much better it is and cheaper witch realy is important for up and coming severs. !0 out of 10 boys, keep up the great work.

Posted at 2017-01-15 12:55:18, by: SoNlAn

Best Host I Have Ever Had

This is by far the best Australian host I have ever used, really cheap and I have experienced no lag what so ever. The support is really friendly and fast. I would recommend this host to anyone that is just starting out or is wanting to start up a small or big community. I recommend this to anyone, really excellent host.

Posted at 2017-01-14 05:11:03, by: Jim Lahey | HC

5 star service

This is by far one of the best services out there and I will tell you why 1. Cheapest most quality host I've seen yet 2. Top of the line support almost instant support with the owner on steam and tickets respond within a couple of hours 3. Just a all round great service would recommended to anyone in Australia that wants a great server and really good service for the low price it costs

Posted at 2017-01-12 05:40:25, by: [RAMPAGESERVERS] RampageKing11

Cheap | Best | Relieable

The best top of the line hosting site but you might think different, i would recomend faded hosting to anyone that lives in sydney.

Posted at 2017-01-11 09:05:05, by: xxEzalb

Great staff and reliable servers

Would recommend Faded Servers for simplicity in buying the server you want. The staff are great, they respond quickly and are friendly. The servers are at a good price for the quality they give. Managing the server is easy and the service hasn't failed me yet.

Posted at 2017-01-05 02:57:28, by: Pingaz

Very Cheap And Reliable

it is very cheap my friend bought a server for 32 slots and it was under 20 dollars i haven't seen any problems with it so far and it is very powerful

Posted at 2016-12-21 12:35:49, by: aLua

Great Service

Got a 32 slot server for less than 20 dollers! Great service great ping! Reccomend To Anyone

Posted at 2016-12-21 10:52:56, by: Entralink

Excellent Servers that Wont Fail To Impress

This is the best hosting company in Australia, with their extremely responsive game servers, cheap prices and fast support. For only $16 for a 32 slot server, you can't get better than this. I only needed to contact support once due to my own mishap, they were fast and extremely helpful in helping resolve my problem. With multiple DDoS attempts towards my server and no downtime, I was surprised at their high quality protection. With excellent DDoS protection, cheap servers and immaculate support, what more could you want?

Posted at 2016-12-18 11:51:06, by: Satyriasis Review

This is the best host you could possibly come across, it is the cheapest in Australia with 24/7 support and amazing DDoS protection. will not make you bankrupt and won't steal your money. I rate this service 10/10 it is just flawless, if you ever want a server you can rely on FadedServers to help you! They have the best quality servers and the CPU is just mwaahhh. I can't begin to describe how amazing this host is, I recommend it to anybody that ever wants to host their own servers. Really cheap and good quality, what could go wrong?

Posted at 2016-12-18 11:14:25, by: CorruptCode review

recently i bought a server so far so good justa couple ddos attacks but got sorted out thanks to Brody wylie he helped. i rate this shit Average 10/10 custom 100/100

Posted at 2016-12-18 11:05:05, by: ?Mr Zerosity?

Faded Server Review

I have recently brought one of their services, I was very impressed with their fast responding support team. They have a easy file management system which made it so easy for me to setup my gmod server with little to no experience. I will defiantly be using these services in the coming months. I can also run my Garry's Mod server with 25 people on with no lag. I can't wait to see what they produce in the future years. 5/5 stars

Posted at 2016-12-17 14:09:28, by: Kitty King

The Cheapest But Most High Quality Service Ever!

Would 100% recommend this service to anyone wanting to save money but also have a quality server to hold loads of addons. You will be able to use those high demanding addons for your server, runs like a charm!

Posted at 2016-12-17 14:06:51, by: Moist M&M

Absolutely recommend this hosting provider!

Incomparably high standard of staff expertise and customer service. I've been with these guys for a week or so and there hasn't been an issue that has gone unsolved. Servers are extremely reliable and I haven't had any issues with the setup and maintenance that I haven't been able to do myself with cPanel. Anyone who is looking for an Australian game host - look here!

Posted at 2016-12-17 10:33:58, by: barbar

Amazing Quality Servers

I started hosting with FadedServers on the 1/12/2016 and I've been loving the experience ever since. Tickets are answered within minutes and I would recommend this host to anyone that's looking for an Australian Game Hosting provider.

Posted at 2016-12-17 04:38:48, by: Hexa