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Fameux Hosting


3.14 (2 reviews)

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Posted at 2017-10-03 15:28:14, by: Pawel Moskala

Company Response

Hello Pawel, Thank you very much for reviewing us. We're very glad that you think positively about Fameux Hosting. Our company plan was to provide the public with an affordable but still high-quality option and I'm glad we've achieved this. Kind Regards, Jack K-B President of Fameux Hosting

The Best Hosting Yet.

Price: Fameux Hosting has managed to deliver a growing variety of packages ranging from Garry’s Mod all the way too FiveM. At First With fameux i purchased there 60 player server and was amazed, for such a small staff team the quality really does match up to larger companies like Nitrous Networks and Citadel Server. I was impressed as i thought at first this was going to be a “you get what you pay for” Situation, but how wrong i was. the quality does not only meet my expectations it excels in many ways. Not only is there a friendly and knowledgeable support team but also a great experience on there web panel and website. How Do The Servers Matchup?: When i used to use nitrous network it would tend to be either on a saturday or sunday that i would have absolutely no access to edit my server. it would simply say that my server is unavailable much to my annoyance hence the reason i switched to fameux.. so far i have had absolutely no problems with Blackouts Or Bugs with fameux. The Support: one thing that must be praised on fameux hosting is their amazing support team. as i mentioned previously i started out on their mod server package. i later decided i wanted to try something new and switch to their FiveM servers. it was as simple as submitting a ticket to the staff team and no more than a few hours later i had a ticket back telling me that my server had been swapped out for a FiveM server. My Conclusion: In my mind i believe that that fameux hosting is not deserving of the five star mark, but of a six star mark if it were possible. they have gone beyond my expectations with great pricing, quality And Support. Go Fameux!

Posted at 2017-10-03 10:40:59, by: Aaron Stevenson

Company Response

Hello Aaron, Thank you very much for reviewing us. We are very pleased to see that you're enjoying your experience with Fameux Hosting and I'm very glad that we can provide a service with these amount of high standards to the public. Kind Regards, Jack K-B President of Fameux Hosting