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Focus Hosting


3.51 (9 reviews)


I bought a server on the client portal. First of all, it didn't activate my server and did give me all the confirmation e-mails of the hosting and PayPal. Then I asked what was going on, apparently a main server problem. After that I asked if I could receive a refund, since I was eligible according to their Terms of Service. After 19 hours still no response and I tried to contact the staff through the live chat. Also no response. Absolutely horrific. I can't recommend this hosting for their customer service at all at the current state.

Posted at 2018-03-09 12:40:00, by: GamingBanana

Great Value, Great Support

I bought a Rust Server through Focus Hosting. Instantly after my order was placed my server was online and ready to go. I stumbled over one issue and that was my Game Panel account never created, however the support member got straight to the issue and resolved it, within minutes! Strongly would recommend this service!

Posted at 2018-02-10 18:27:01, by: Jeichi

Company Response

Hi, i'm glad that Stephen fixed everything for you!. And i can say that Rust is fully fixed now. And glad to hear that everything is working :) Noah - Focus Hosting

Best Experience

My server was a bit messed up but i did get my time back from that and the issue was resolved. After my server got fixed i have had no other problems and i have

Posted at 2018-01-20 22:01:34, by: DaIcicle

Company Response

Dear Dalcicle, I'm glad that you got your issue resolved with us. If you have any issue's feel free to contact us right away! Dimitris P. CEO

Best first experience ever

I really suggest going for focus hosting helpful and supportive staff helps alot and its affordable works perfectly

Posted at 2017-12-22 17:41:38, by: C1H3

Company Response

Dear Gaming Bro, Thank you very much for leaving a honest review. Sorry for the late reply. Noah L. COO

Extremely Supportive and Helpful

I am really thankful of focus hosting. I needed support with a Garrys Mod server and was connected to Noah and then Michael R. and they were very helpful and sorted it out with me.

Posted at 2017-12-19 14:56:53, by: Alfie Hartley

Company Response

Dear Alfie, Thank you very much for your honest review. Noah L. COO

Focus Hosting review

Cheap prices, awesome support team!

Posted at 2017-12-12 18:37:08, by: Zackarias Ek Eriksson

Company Response

Dear Zackarias, Thank you for reviewing us. Noah L. COO

Wery good

the support is very good

Posted at 2017-11-23 18:52:45, by: simon

Company Response

Dear Simon, We appreciate your review. Dimitris P. CEO

Shoddy at best

-Yes, this has been updated; biased on how their actions, and my experience with them changed. Originally, they were very helpful to set up the server, keen to respond, low rates; everything sounded good. However, after I acquired my Team Fortress 2 server, problems arose: 1) I could not update my server in a reliable way; often times there could be near-week delays before I could update my server, so I could play on it again 2) The server was missing default key files. I hosted my own TF2 server before; didn't wanna go through it again, and the one they give me was incomplete. 3) Asking for any form of help, the most i'd get was a quick google-search result; no real feasible help. I guess there's something wrong with me believing that "Because I'm paying someone to host this, that they can help and support me with real information in some way.. not just hand me a google search" 4) Server was promised w/ a Fast Download server.-- didn't come with one as promised; and I had to pester them to finally get one set up.. which shouldn't happen. --Its hit a stage where I try to contact them and ask something; not only do I get minimal response, I also get minimal action. Now; without a word, I lose connections to my server and fast download server; I assume its just a glitch, and nothing serous; but after about 4 days, I finally talk to them. turns out that they didn't even know that my stuff was lost... not only is it lost and I need to restart all the files; but their demanding pay... for..? pay for me not having a server? pay for me having to restart everything? pay for not having a server that could be kept up to date, and therefor was literally inaccessible within game? It was less infuriating to make my own server at home, BLIND with the minimal knowledge I had before. currently, the only "benefit" they give me, is the fast download server... and even that's minimal. --Honestly, as it currently stands; I have no reason to run a server through them. Note; this has literally only been the first month of dealing with them... They went from amazingly helpful; to literally useless within an instant. Any 5 star reviews are probably in the early stages when their still being -kinda- helpful.. but doesn't take too long for that to fall apart- their eager to sell, then useless to maintain.--- I barely had a total of 10 hours over that month where my server was available to be played--- I've updated this because of my experience. Its been over a week since they lost my server, and they've neglected to do anything. So; I've left focus hosting, and I recommend that you drop them before you pick em up. As it currently stands, their not worth your time or money; and I wouldn't run a server off them even if they were free.

Posted at 2017-10-29 20:25:07, by: Zrechkon. (Aka; "Z")

Company Response

I’m sorry for the trouble you had with us. Since then, we have improved our services and have fixed most of the issues mentioned. Stephen Brown Support Manager