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3.4 (5 reviews)

They sold out

They sold to larger company and now their service is not good, they are a budget host with support that never answer and their game panel is extremely dated, basically abandoned

Posted at 2020-04-03 10:34:10, by: Foresight

Amazing experience

Let me start off by saying the support is amazing, I got help strait away and there were no delays. Buying the server itself is so cheap and amazing! 5 stars from me! I highly recommend this host!

Posted at 2018-02-24 03:52:22, by: Wolfy268

Company Response

Hello Wolf268, I am glad you're happy with the service you have received thus far. Thank you for your feedback and I appreciate your kind words. Thanks, Jack M.

Amazing Hosting

This is 10/10 best hosting I've used so far, the support team is always there when you need them and get to you asap. I would recommend this company to any of my friends and or family.

Posted at 2018-01-15 00:56:13, by: ZestyNaHalff

Company Response

Hello ZestyNaHalff, I'm glad you're happy with the service you have received. Thanks, Jack M.

Great experience! Few ways to improve.

Overall the support and standard of service has been excellent at so far. The only things I think they could improve on is offering higher storage option web hosting plans. But overall, would recommend for web hosting, never had game hosting with them so no comment on that, but judging by their support and uptime on web hosting service, the service can't be bad. tired**

Posted at 2018-01-14 19:08:54, by: Alex

Company Response

Hello Alex, I am glad you have had such a great experience with our support and service. The larger storage plans will be taken into consideration, and we will hopefully be able to implement that in the near future. Thank you for your business! Thanks, Jack M.

My thoughts

This hosting company has an amazing support and connection speed! The only things that are less good is the layout and the control panel. There are only 4 things in the mod manager (they're working on it) No fastdl button (probably already added but okay) And the GUI of the control panel looks boring and seems like they haven't put much effort in it. But I love the support and the fast server speed! Also the prices are really cheap.

Posted at 2017-10-19 07:18:29, by: GodFM

Company Response

Hello, Thank you for your feedback! We are currently working to improve the look and feel of our control panel. As for the mod manager, we are adding new mods/maps everyday and are constantly growing the amount of addons available to install with a single click. Also we have just added the FastDL and configured it to download from a fast mirror. Thanks, Jack M.


Awesome Host And Awesome Support

Posted at 2017-10-14 18:48:10, by: Impulse Nylo

Company Response

Hello Impulse Nylo, I really appreciate your kind words and good luck with your community. Kind Regards, Jack M.