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GG Servers


2.5 (2 reviews)

They couldn't even give me a recommendation!?

Ggservers isn't worth it. There customer service sucks. I might not have bought a server from them, but I didn't need to, to know they weren't worth it. When I look into buying a server, for the amount they are asking, I want to make sure I'm going to be taken care of. So, I usually start by testing the customer service. Before I came across ggservers I had already been to three other host sites, and they had all passed with flying colors. So, it blew my mind when the customer support couldn't even recommend a plan for me! First of all, I was on hold on the text chat for at least 20 minutes. When someone finally got on with me I asked a simple question. "I am trying to make a server that is a lot like hermit craft. I want to have the data packs they use like one player sleep, player heads, and armor stands. I also want to have 10- 15 players on at one time. Which plan should I get?" The customer support person couldn't give me an answer. I asked them how many gigs I would need to run a server with 10-15 people, that can also run some mods. Once again they couldn't answer my questions. At this point I was baffled. How could he not know? I was asking for a recommendation of what plan they would suggest I use! How could this person be so oblivious? Wasn't this their job!? I told the person that this was kind of sad and I had just asked three other sites this same question. Which, they all came back with a recommendation. Now, this is where my test comes in. I ask this.question to learn a few things. First, I know the answer already. I need about 2 gigs at least to run a server like that. If the person tells me it's more, I know they are trying to upsale me. That would be a no go for me. Then if they do know it, and give me a good recommendation, then they go into the potential pile. It's a good way to see if the host site is actually legit or not too. Anyways, after telling the person this they came back with this message: "These things are easy identifiable by googling around for them. If I were to want to run a modpack, I would do the research myself to see what I'd need and then maybe ask the provider if they can provide what I am looking for. We don't have to know every modpack's requirements for you, or required to google things for you. Sorry if this comes across as harsh, but we've got a lot of clients coming in with concerns and there's only so much amount of reasonable time we can spend on answering questions." What the heck!? This is what customer support is for! Besides, I had given them my requirements and asked for a suggestion of THIER plans! How in the world was this not their job? I calmly explained to them that this wasn't about the mod packs or the recommendation. I had been asking as a test for the customer support and they had obviously failed... I told them that I had been to three other sites and they had passed effortlessly. (BTW Those sites were MCProHosting, Apex Hosting, and CubedHost just in case you were wondering.) Afterwards, I told them that I hoped they'd stay safe and I hoped they'd have a better day. They replied with: "I don't even know why I try to talk sense to people. You have a blessed day." It was hard to hold back the eye roll and to just let it go. However, I decided to let them have the last word and leave. They knew they had failed in gaining a new customer and had screwed up. Now, I feel I should share my experience. Mostly because of how mind blown I was that they wouldn't even recommend a plan for their own site!? I just don't understand. If you don't know, at least throw out a plan or something! I don't know. I expect more from customer service if I'm going to spend money on a server. If I have anything happen and I need help, I want someone to be there that can ACTUALLY help me. ggservers just doesn't have that... That's why they aren't worth it.

Posted at 2020-04-17 01:36:50, by: Toni


Good if you want a cheap server as their prices are cheap. Haven't had any issues with them and never used the support as I knew what I was doing. I used this host during 2014-2015 Would recommend if you need a cheap server.

Posted at 2017-02-19 18:10:04, by: Max (?_?)

No support , Bad host.

I bought a server at 5pm and waited until 10pm to receive an email from them with my multicraft login information. Opened a ticket with them at 10.30pm. It is now 4pm the following day and still no email or response to my ticket. Stay away from these guys.

Posted at 2016-12-11 16:42:54, by: EpicHybrid