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So, i've been hosting with various of other hosting companies, and throughout the years, i've struggled with issues mostly on the company's end. Which caused damage to my community regarding many crashes & unknown 'hardware' faults. I never really gave many hosting companies a chance because of overloading hardware and overpricing gameservices. Although from what i can see is HexaneNetworks, give you the best for your money with no overloading, and 100% Guaranteed performance throughout any of there services. - Pro's - Affordable Services; Fast Customer Support; Turbo Hardware - giving the best performance possible; Control Panel for your hosting needs. 24/7 Uptime (100%) If you wan't to succeed in your hosting, with a popular community well HexaneNetworks is right by your side helping you achieve every goal possible. Providing the best performance & fast pacing host in 2018. -BecomeAHexaner

Robbi |
I started my first Garry's Mod server, I was looking through hosts and Hexane just stood out. I purchased and received my package instantly. I also saw there was links to YouTube videos on the website which give guides on the setup and creating you own GMOD server. I honestly cannot say enough for this host, 100% reliable, cheap prices, good value for money and get customer service! They are happy to help with any issues and answer any questions that you may have Shout out to Ben the CEO, for doing such a great job!

I run on it so yea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This is one of the top hosts for all the games they host. They don't cram server boxes and lag, they don't try a Crident and break the norm to get more attention, even though it decreases good performance to shit on many of their crammed boxes. Amazing support and fast servers. Definitely staying with my server even if I eventually decide to stop owning a community. Hands down best service, not even regarding the cheapest prices.

I loved my service times with Hexane but now I'd like to leave the community server owner side. Whilst i was one of their clients I thoroughly enjoyed there very much explainable 24/7 support as always within 5 minutes there was a reply. I really do have to recommend this company to anyone who is looking for cheap but quality servers. + Rep to the owner who did the refund though, I didn't think that he'd refund it but He did.

Great Server Host, amazing support, fast and responsive servers, definitely check these guys out!

Okay, so where do I start? I will not name any of these hosts however all hosts apart from GMC, NFO and Hexane Networks are bad, their servers lag, they try and over cram the server box the servers are hosted on and the support is awful not to mention they're money grabbing too. Hexane Networks is amazing quality for an amazing price, the support is great and the owner is very friendly and willing to help you himself... Not to mention they're one of the only hosts to run on an I7, 7700K.

Luke Fulleylove
there never online and wean my website needed paying wean i payed it it all get deleted now i have to wait wean we get online i losing money

Hot Toast
Hexane have instant support and whenever you run into a problem they help you out. They will ddos protect your servers and even if you do stupid stuff like nuke the server 5 times it wont crash (experience). They have cheap prices for the robust hosting they give you. Definitely recommend to anyone. p.s gamepanel is amazing. Shout out to Nick/Havasu for being the best contact supporter ever.
Hello, I myself have gone through multiple hosting companies Nitrous, Serenity, Criden but Hexane is outstanding their servers are super responsive and their game panel is easy to navigate around. The support is outstanding I had my case done within literally 30 seconds. —Referred to Hexane by DistortionUK Regards, Strobez.

Pablo Ruiz Cruces
I can tell this is one of the best hosting sites because: - 24/7 instant (almost all times XD) service to live chat and tickets - Super easy interface with macros - Support is fast and good - High cuality server with almost no lag - Perfect quality/price relation

bought a server and not had issues nice

OP Smurfs
This host I can easily rate 10/10, they managed to transfer my files from my old host to the new one within a matter of minutes, there support is always extremely fast but still quality, this is one of many hosting company's I have used, and by far I can say it's the best, if you ever need a host for your Garry's mod server, I can say with confidence go with Hexane networks!

I and my Partner were looking for a host, with - Stable Anti DDoS, - Great Server Performance - Reasonable Prices We found all of that, at Hexane Networks. Our server is running perfectly, The uptime is 99.9% The only downtime, we have experienced was when the server was getting upgraded. And we can't complain about that, at all. It only made the performance even better! Taking a look at the Support, I don't think, I've ever experienced anything like it! The Live chat is online 24/7, I have never seen it offline. And the tickets, are answered super fast! I would definitely recommend Hexane Networks, to anyone looking for a Stable and good Performing host with Great support.

I can vouch heavily for their server speeds and support for two reasons: Underloading and Dedication. That is something few and far between when you are working with hosting companies and Hexane has met every requirement in my book. I heavily suggest starting with them for hosting or even switching because they will even transfer files over for you for no additional cost.

Martin Kousgaard Olsen
* Fast and friendly support * Fast Processor on gameservers * Low Prices * Good DDoS protection What more do you need?

I got my server yesterday, amazing..... thats all i can say. Compared to SerenityServers.

Currently, I'm a client and Hexane and I'm using their Web-Hosting, Garry's Mod Hosting and their VPS Hosting, all of it has been *fantastic*. Very little downtime and rapid support. I'm constantly seeing new updates to the website and improvements to the speed of the panel and much more. This is definitely a good hosting company to stick with.

Jakecg |
Best webosting i have ever used

Mikael Sojka
We had quite some problems with them but after a while of discussing with the CEO, the problem was solved in a way we all seem to be good with. Great Customer Support!

Hexane networks is easily the best server hosting around! Live chats are responsive and sorts out the problems straight away. 11/10

Rain 💧 |
Hexane Networks' support reply time is extremely fast. Clearly user friendly. The interface is clean and easy to use making it a valuable host. Would definitely recommend to people wanting a server with a good host.

The server performance is outstanding I've no problems with it. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a server 10/10

Supreme Reviewer
Not much to say. Server performance is outstanding and the owner has a wireless mouse

Impulse Nylo
Amazing. just Amazing Would Highly Recommend To Anyone. Amazing Support And DDOS Protection. The Staff Is Always Up For A Laugh :D

I've used there webhosting for a little while now and I haven't any issues with it. In the entire month I've been with them they've only been down once so their uptime is very good. Support is normally quick and very friendly, they always answer - especially when I spam their live chats. Jack isn't very reliable and often falls off his 50CC motobike, 11/10. (Ben let me put this here) I assume there gamehosting is just as good despite never using it I know they always prioritize the customer and always use the best hardware possible. Don't go to Dynamic Hosting, come here first. Ben is love, Ben is life, Ben is dad and will adopt you. Nah, just joking Ben is a fat whale.

I Honestly Suggest That people use this Site, Cheap, Reliable and Shows Pride in their work. 11/10 IGN

The Support on this server hosting is great and i would easily recommend to others like i already have, the price's are super low for what you get, the support is pretty much instant

Ezio Firenze
I just bought my server from them and they are just outstanding. They have a fast and nice support team that is great, the server performance web and game are fast and smooth which is what I look for before buying a host. I would highly recommend them.

Hexane networks is a cheap host for Garry's mod. They have amazing support, they even help with plugins! I would recommend this to anyone.

Ryan B
I Have a Great Computer But Usually Server's Are Really Laggy Cause of How Much Have Downloaded ... But Hexane's Servers Are Hella Smooth And Create No Lagg

Their support was extremely helpful and fast, the servers are outstandingly fast when it comes to how much you actually put on your server. I highly recommend Hexane if you looking for Cheap and fast servers.

Where do I start! Okay, so this company is unique! They have exactly have put time into making their website and design. Everything they touch becomes something amazing Even the control panel that they have is customized with nice colors and icons. The theme is really nice1 Now, their support is very fast at answering tickets; they also have a live chat and the staff is very kind and understandable! I have a server with them and will probably stay until I die or the company stops exist, which I hope they never do, that's how great they are. I had a few issues that they solved quickly; it wasn't their fault! =) They do their best, and they succeed to make their customers happy. My server is located in the UK data center, which provides a very low ping to my players - even players that live in the USA! I have experienced ZERO downtime. Again this hosting is fantastic; I truly love them! Much love, From a happy client! =)

Quick, simple and trusting. The servers are great. Support is lightning fast and its just great! Would recommend!

Hexane Networks provides an affordable price for any slot amount. On top of the affordable price, you're also receiving on the clock support which is great due to the fact most hosts are usually 3~ hours. I definitely plan on renewing my services.

Gordon Ramsay
Alright we do we start. Hexane-Network is a awesome cheap Server Host. The Server Performance is really really good and you will not have problems. HN is giving the ability to get a Free Webspace to your Gameserver and the Webspace is awesome aswell. But in my Opinion the best thing on Hexane-Networks is the Support! It is the fastest Support i EVER saw! If you have a problem it will get fixed INSTANTLY! I hosted on my servers on many hosters ... and from what i can say Hexane-Networks is the best Host i EVER used. If you want to host a good server with a good performance and the best support Hexane-Networks is your Host!

It's do good. If you buy a server you get a website !! Never ever down. Response time is less then 5 mins. I would 100% recommend. They have a really easy and friendly interface. Honestly I would go for this. They helped me so much! Thanks hexane, Mitch

Just bought my server 3 days ago, and I absoulutley love it so far! Whenever I have a question they answer within a 10 min rate. The servers run perfectly as I live in Denmark and there are no issues what so ever, connecting to the server in Bristol. 10/10 would server at them again.

So Ihave used HexaneNetworjs for quite some time and the ticket support is 10/10 They respond quickly compared to my old host. HexaneNetworks gives all the support you need and there service is giod people on my server where getting around 5-25 ping which was really good and this was the best choice i ever made.

I Started a server up with hexane about 1 month ago and there are so many things i could name that are amazing about them. I mean to start off with the support is phenomenal, you message them and they normally reply within a minuet or two, when i started my server up i was only getting around 10 players, my server is now constantly full 32 slots outta 32, we are currently in the process of upgrading to 45 slots! there ddos protection is excellent, havent been ddosed once. as for the staff members two of the most polite members of staff in a company i have ever met, both lovely blokes <3 i defensively give this 5/5 stars as it is way better than hosts i have previously been with! Drew - Sadist <3

[VRP] Sarouty
I am so glad that ive found this amazing website. I was looking for a new host when i came across this spectacular website. Its cheap, and their performance is one of the greatest i have experienced. I would totally recommend these guys if you're searching for a host with cheap prices, and they also have an amazing performance, and not to mention the fantastic support they provide you with. So if you're looking for a cheap host with good performance, and a really good support, this is defiantly the place where you wanna go, you will not be disappointed.

Little Tate
I've been using these guys for my Garry's Mod server and well... It's amazing not only was the price REALLY good, But the server performance was excellent, I could play with friends from the US & UK with no connection issues, Building whatever we wanted, Support responded very quickly, Answering all questions and helping with any issues i may have. To sum it all up, this is hands up one of the best companies you could possibly choose.

So i found this host browsing the internet. And i thought wow that is cheap. So i bought a server at them and i love it. The support is so fast and they have live support 24/7. If i have a problem they will help me. My server is not lagging and there are 32 on the server. This is the best server host ever!

Devils Cave
Fast and simple, i was new and did not know what to do. They were there 24/7 helping me. people say it takes days to get a sever but my sever was up in seconds and already improved on it withing 1 hour. 10/10

The hosting is amazing. I have used several hosts so far and this one is the most user friendly i have seen. I have also been asked on others to make a good review. However now i was asked to make a honest review. They will help you and are a great host in general. The interface looks amazing!

I have had different hosting services and to be honest this one has the best prices and the best performance that I have had. The people that host this are amazing and also the live support is amazing! If I encounter a problem and I go to the live support I only need to wait about 3-5 minutes. Not to mention the amazing price form 32 slot special, I have never seen that low of a price for a host :) I would recommend this host to any one that is looking to start a Garry's Mod server since I just believe this is the best host what you can get for money :) I give this host a solid 5/5 <3

[SBG] GamingBanana
Hexane Networks is a very good hosting company. I've had no single problem with them, but only the refund period is a bit on the short side. But that doesn't take the fact that their servers are not good. The servers are even much better than I have expected; they're fast, stable and can handle a lot more stuff, because I had installed pretty intensive addons into my server. The server survived everything. Their support is also amazingly fast. I've posted two tickets and they both had replies in almost less than three hours. Also what I recommend doing if you really have a problem and you need to fix it fast and you don't know how to is by using their Live Chat. There's always someone ready to talk to you in a matter of minutes! When you get someone, they're also polite, friendly and they don't stop helping you if you're problem isn't solved. I truly recommend this hosting. I rate it 10/10.

??ç | ?ç?ful ??
The service I have had from Hexane Networks has been great, always polite and patient. When first starting the server it's very easy to install needed things like ulx, mounting counter-strike:source, adding maps and that kind of stuff. When doing stress tests to the server it didnt even notice! Would recommend 10/10! If you are considering renting a server just go for these guys.

I'm really new to running garry's mod servers in general but with hexane networks it's been really easy and i've gotten far in dev with my server, I really do like this hosting company and it is so F*cking cheap i can't believe it. I just love this hosting company. <3 Thank you - Michael Sutton

I have experience with Gmod services but this one is really good and fast , the support is friendly and fast and the sub-user menu is really easy i recommend you buy it from Hexane Networks ( ITS SO F-ING GOOD )

Patrick - I'm not okay...
If you need help they are there 24/7 Our server running outside layer Best place ever

Distortion Of Reality
My transfer to Hexane Networks was, quick, simple, easy and smart! My transfer was the best choice for my server. The customer support is by far the best out of all the hosting providers I know of. These servers laugh in the face of DDOS . The fact that these servers come at price they do, makes this server hosting 5star! The servers are reliable and ping is not a problem! No lag problems, No crash issues or No downtime. Servers are set up within minutes with there automated setup. They use a customized TCadmin which makes there control panel powerful ! Never going to change host, ever 5/5 stars!

I have been using Hexane networks for a month now and all I can say is that it is a brilliant company. They care so much about their customers and are available to help nearly all the time and always fix issues and give advice. Cheap servers that never have lag problems and are virtually indestrucable from ddos. The servers I have purchased have neither crashed nor lagged in all the time that I have rented it 10/10