Based on 8 reviews
Obunga Ondawa
The host worked well with me to help me with any problems I came across and they helped me with any of the problems I came across, I started with a 1 week free trial but afterwards I decided the service was great enough that I am continuing my service.

Cursed Shadow Fox
Very easy and simple to use, had a gmod server up in no time!

Good services, no downtime at all, great support when having trouble. just great.

Matt Vopicka
The support staff and the owner are always available to help and are very nice. The servers are pretty beefy compared to other servers in the same price range and can run just about anything perfectly :)

The hosting is very powerful. Nothing has been able to crash my server just lag in minorly.

I have had no complaints with this hosting company. They have a very helpful support staff in place and the pricing on the servers aren't outrageous like you would pay with other hosting companies. It takes absolutely no time to get a server up and running. The server can also take a beating and keep running. It will get laggy if you are stress testing, but it will not crash. The support staff will help you every step of the way if that is what you need to get used to your server.

Mary Wolf
I just started using this hosting services and it so fast to set up took me 10 min to set up my server for me new community also great live support

This is an amazing company to use, absolutely outstanding. I have yet to be let down by these people they are truly some of the most helpful and productive individuals I've met. The support is spectacular I have my issues solved within a minute or two and if I can't fix it, they're glad to step in and assist. I have fantastic connection and no errors! I would recommend this hosting company 100%!!