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Bought their Gmod server a couple of hours ago and walked upon some issues (Made by my self) Joined their Discord server and requested help. They solved my issue within a couple of minutes which got me to continue doing my thing on my gmod server. Great service, fast servers and friendly support

connor pox
Good service but, its a little too much for the quality you get.

I've not had any problems with Polar while I've been a customer, and their servers are cheap and reliable, so I would recommend them to anyone looking for the sort of services they provide.

Sanu Bdygfebyd Sitaram
Good service and fast

Best deals , Best hosts and more! I'd recommend it to all people around world.

As i know this server is clearly special and very good for everyone!

I've enjoyed this so much! Also i recommend you guys to join it!

Best server host i've ever seen! Since i've been there i found this server as best server host.

I recommend this Hosting Company to anyone who needs hosting. Great Customer service, and hosting!!

I've bought a lot of servers from them and never had a problem. I currently have a website and a rust server and I've never had an issue with them.

Basicly the title. Best host I've used before out of over 15 others

Travis Hughes
been with them for a good year now and i could not be happier. there support is by far the best i'v ever had and there servers are outstanding. there cheaper than what they need to be

Polar Networks is outstanding, they provide great service and will answer and questions you have. I have had no problem with them

They host some good servers, and have servers in stock 9/10, would recommend to all of you people out here on the interwebs xox

This is probably one of the best for your server! I have used polar for a long time! It has amazing DDoS protection and performance, Would highly recommend to anyone who are starting a new community

Rob (Duh)
I bought a server for my TTT for my small community as well as prop hunt... GREAT service, pretty much lag free!!!

So my name is Jack, and I'm support at polar. From what I see the staff at polarservers are extremely educated and helpful, far beyond me. The owners especially are dedicated and help clients as much as possible. Not only you can purchase servers, but support from developers. I really recommend polarservers.

Tony Arnkar
Great And Reliable Fast Secure DDOSSED PROOF Would Recommend to Everyone Very Helpful and Supportive

a sad kneeger

Helpful and Fast Support Stable Servers Great Hosting Service Would definetly Recommend to new and old server owners for GarrysMod

After nearly more than 2 months using this service I must say they're one of the best hosts I've used. Their amazingly friendly and quick support team are easy to approach whenever you have any issues and are extremely patient. The services provided are astonishing and I have not been let down once in the whole 2 months of using them. Their Discord server is also a great place to interact with fellow clients and support team members! If you're looking for great Game or Web hosting Polar is the place for you!

As a Streamer, Gamer and Community Owner, you need reliable support, reliable servers that are not overloaded and a 99.9% up-time to which Polar Servers do great, I am currently now affiliated with them due to their good work and perfectionist nature, they are willing to help out each user as and when practically possible, such as; Struggling to install DarkRP? or Struggling to get a mod to go live on the server? contact their support team who are dedicated to helping you whilst teaching you rather than just going "Done it". The pro-active approach of their team sets them apart from major competitors who only provide reactive support over a long period of time. If you are looking for Web Hosting or Game hosting, look no further than polar!

My experience with polar servers has been 6 days compacted with complete and utter support. The agents are really well presented and very helpful and friendly the hosting is very good I would 100% recommend all those looking for a server host provider your answer lies here at polar servers!

Lately I was checking for a host for my Gmod server. I stumbled upon Polarservers and decided to give them a shot. I was surprised by how swift it went. The owner really knew how to satisfy my needs, always had time to answer questions about the hosting etc. While talking to him he felt like a genually nice guy, thriving to host your servers for a good price, with great quality on top of it. Really enjoying working together with Polarservers.

Outstanding experience excellent host, who is incredibly friendly and professional. 10/10 would reccomend

This is one of the best gaming host out there. If you're looking for a Cheap and Reliable host, Polarservers are your way to go!

For fast, reliable, cheap and great service pick Polar servers for you day to day gaming needs, I personally will always pick Polar servers as they always meet their client needs.

Frank Jr
This is the best server hosting company I have found yet I've tried many different server providers and none of them are this fast at setting up there servers and putting whatever mods you need in them this us the best server company I've used in my life by far.

The entire staff team are great and there Live support is always helpful, meaning that your time is well spent compared to other places.

By Fair One Of The Best Server Hosting Companies Out There, Highly Recommended and Vouched By Many!

So I got a server from them and the support I got was great and how fast they help you out the server do not have a drop of lag at all so if you are looking for a low cost server go to them and the DDoss protection is great
Staff is always ready to help and are really responsive. Server run smothly and without any problems. Also have the best DDos protection I have ever seen. Almost no problems with running their servers. This is the best server hosting company i have found yet I've tried many different server providers and none of them are this fast at setting up there servers and putting whatever mods you need in them this us the best server company I've used in my life by far. They also provide with a big variety of Servers for different games. All in all best server hosting company!

Finger Lickin Goodness
Top hosting site, Servers hosted by this site are of great quality and standard. Never had a problem using PolarServers. Definitely would recommend to Starting-Up Server Hosters. DDoS protection, Variety of Packages-What more could you want?

Khan -
An Amazing hosting site. Very Helpful, reliable. Not expensive at all. Great DDOS protection. This is a great host for every type of game servers. I recommend you to use this host, Trust me you won't be disappointed.

Very good hosting site, great customer support. Friendly, never had my server taken down. Just overall better than the rest, nothing more needs to be said!

[MG-M] Havy
It is a very good hosting site. Currently on of the best around. Friendly owner, reliable hosting, affordable prices. Just like you could imagine.

Very good company, I especially like the added support they give with their servers. The owner even invited me on his teamspeak to help me, very good!!!! - Neshie Owner of Divinescape

[DG:O] Spoof
Been with polar a couple of months now. I have to say, been happy with the service provided. I had purchased a high end server and I'm currently happy with the performance I'm getting from it. Polar support is the best support I have ever used. With quick connection to a chat and some awesome guys on the other end, they are able to answer any question I throw at them. I have had some past problems with server performance which was fixed in the end. Server prices are cheap and affordable and websites design is very clean and easy to use along with the servers control panel.

Polar Servers is my main choice regarding Garry's Mod servers, there is no compromise. Friendly Staff ensured that all my issues were dealt with as well as Cheap Hosting costs for all my servers. I'd highly recommend Polar Servers as being the best Hosting Company available.

Hot Pockets
Polar servers is the best company for hosting its has great support, nice people, cheap, best for hosting.

swedish biscuits
If you want to have sexual pleasure whilst hosting a server, either fuck someone off the street and get AIDS and use a regular host, or use polarservers to get nutted 8 times in sequence without getting AIDS.

Lena Sophia
Great customer support. Very affordable, definitely something I'd recommend.

[MG] Grumpy
Awsome!!!! Cheap,affordable! Very good for hosting! Ever wanted to host a sever this is a good choice for you!

Basically the best company there is right now in my opinion. One of the best servers that i am playing in right now is hosted by this company and it's quite difficult to find any complaints about it so i would recommend this one highly.

[MG:MRP] MasterAdrian
Polar Servers is a good company and I never actually saw any problems in support, in my case the support was always fast and helpful. There are little things that could be improved but in a whole, I really rate this hosting provider a solid 9.5 out of 10 as it always runs smooth with a great performance, fast support, great knowledge base and DDoS protection.

Amazing support, great service, budget friendly! This is definitely the best hosting company i've seen so far, speechless.. Definitely recommended if you're into server hosting!

VGC | ///+Fizzy
I have been with this company for about1 to 2 weeks now and i have had no problems. I really do recommend this hosting company!

b fat
Their server support team was absolutely outstanding, got a response in less then 15 minutes and gave great details to help me. Their uptime was on point as well abd would definitely recommed to any planning in starting a setver.

DJ Sterling
Had some problems with other companies but got fast responce great service and is cheap, it has the best protection and i would recomend this to other people making servers!

Server hosting company would be rated 5/5, has useful plugins for the servers, can handle the server content and players perfectly, not been attacked, other hosting company don't offer much and the support is usually terrible, so this is a great company that should be chosen


[MG:A] Watermelon
This server host hosts my favourite server and I have no complaints it is steady, and ever since our server swapped over to this host we havent been ddosed so it has secure protection so its great.

PuffyRex -
this is the best server hosting company i have found yet I've tried many different server providers and none of them are this fast at setting up there servers and putting whatever mods you need in them this us the best server company I've used in my life by far.