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Rani Tanous
I am hosting my SA-MP server / community website from this website! I am really glad of hosting it here due the nice attitude and the support team is great.. They offering a nice hosts and they know how to bring people to them by helping them 24/7. I suggest everyone to use this host and you will not lose anything Trustfully host, Thanks!

My experience with this company is great, After buying the HostedTab SA-MP In minutes I was running and not to mention the game hosting, Exelente Anti-DDoS

Very good quality host pings don't exceed 100 and the hosted tab is very good also , reached 20+ in my first day of opening server , all my respects for PrestigeSteve !

Harmless Kitty
I'm no stranger to SA-MP servers, and having run several in the past I jumped straight onto a VPS for my latest server which, to say the least, was a real hassle in comparison to PrestigeSteve. It took me minutes to get my server online and working, and the support so far has been amazing. Also provided us with a hosted tab very quickly. I really hope this is the last time I have to move my server.

very good support and very good networking, hosting.. 0 lag 0 loss. Thank you Prestige Steve Hosting <3

I was wondering about what is the best Hosting company for my SA:MP server. I stopped wondering when i've found PrestigeSteven. Their hosting is cheap and have a really great performance. Not to mention the easy to use CP. I will use PrestigeSteven to host my Website too !.

one of the greatest hosting companies which i ever used, im impressed by its fast responding team claps for them on my behalf

Prestige hosting is a really nice hosting Excelent Hosting 24h/7d active + Protection from DDoS attackers :) good Job

Adrian luis
Well protected from DDoS attacks, cheap hosted tab comparing to other providers and fast & friendly support.

My experience with Prestige Steve was 5 star. He was able to add myself on skype and this meant that we could easily get help if needed. He gave us a good deal with our server as well. Defiantly 5 Star