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Noah Larsen
So, the support is probably the best I've ever seen. I asked them to add a backup feature to their game panel. And before I know it they added it. Their support is probably the best I've ever seen. The servers also perform greatly!

I have a gmod server hosted by them and their support is great and respond to my tickets very fast.

[ArticForce] georgewilliam1
By far the best company of all, I have used another company from host picker and this one has shown the better one! No Lag, 24/7, Incredible support!

Excellent hosting company all around. I have 2 Garry's Mod servers with this company, and I have never experienced any lag or downtime at all! Definitely recommended to anyone!

Great Company to use when looking to start a server! Amazing prices and helpful staff!!

I currently have a Garry's Mod game server with VAU Gaming. Great quality, no lag at all and they also have a fantastic support team.