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Winstri Hosting


4.24 (19 reviews)

Love Winstri

I have used you guys since 2019 and loved the services and support you offer and have recommended my friends. But one thing I wish you had was vpses with ssds

Posted at 2020-12-27 19:47:10, by: arcadejackpotmaster

An Amazing Company.

My experience with Winstri Was the best I have ever had. I have brought lot's of VPS's from other company's, but this was by far the best experience. In fact, the CEO even checked up with me to make sure everything was good with my VPS, which is amazing! And the customer support is outstanding, if I needed support with anything, all I had to do was go into their discord and ask my question and I got a response in less than 5 minutes! Such an amazing company with quick turn around time. Would definitely recommend!

Posted at 2019-04-22 13:19:48, by: Jack Lonergan

Company Response

Hello Jack, Thank you very much for the review and we're very happy to hear that your VPS is working out well for you. Please let us know if you need anything further! Best regards, Nathan W.


What can I say, Winstri hosting are far the best server we have used (and we have used 4 before these) As i am writing this, the CEO is sat in a discord helping us sort some problems, and has been for 3hrs. we have never been down, our server has never crashed and our server is as stable as ever. Want a hosting service Winstri is perfect. Thank you guys

Posted at 2019-04-09 16:30:16, by: Jordon Leonard

Company Response

Hello Jordon, We appreciate your review and we are very glad to hear that you are satisfied with your service. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any further assitance. Best regards, Nathan W.

Outstanding service and staff.

We had an issue with our VPS, within half hour, we had a team member in a private discord chat helping. Not only did he find the cause of the problem, he also went hands on and started setting up the VPS. Cant recommend enough.

Posted at 2019-04-09 16:20:04, by: Michael Taylour

Company Response

Hello Michael, Thank you very much for the review and I am glad a staff member was able to find and solve your problem. Feel free to let us know if you need anything further. Best regards, Nathan W.

Best hoster

This company is an outstanding hoster, with high performance to low price and a customer service that rocks. You never need to worry if you, for example, don't find the php.ini in WordPress because their customer support will help you.

Posted at 2019-03-11 17:36:58, by: Oliver Funke

Company Response

Hello Oliver, Thank you for the review and we are glad to hear that we have been an outstanding hosting provider for you, that our performance has been good and that our customer support has been helpful to you. Don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything further! Best regards, Nathan W.

Amazing hosting!

Using Emperor Hosting was one of the best choices for my community, not only do you get the bang for your buck, they provide quality support 24/7, no matter how dumb or simple the question is, the staff respond quickly and efficiently.

Posted at 2018-06-03 21:45:53, by: Shrum

Company Response

Thank you for your review, Shrum. I'm very happy to see that you have had a good experience with Emperor Hosting and if you need anything feel free to contact us! Best Regards, -Nathan

Possibly the best host on the market for the price.

My experience with emperor hosting started of excellent and only got better as I continued with their services. Support is not only quick with tickets but through their discord aswell. It is easy to get into contact with somebody when I need them. Their VPS services are easy to work with and their panel is easy to navigate and looks nice on the eye when working with. if I'm in a hurry I can easily get into my own vps and handle anything I need to. I look forward to using Emperor Hosting for a long time into the future and recommend then for any small or large community.

Posted at 2018-03-31 21:51:28, by: [Rapadant Hosting] Vaas Kahn Grim

Company Response

Hello and thank you for your kind words. We're glad that our support has been exceptional and that our Virtual Private Server panel has been easy to use and functional. Our main goal is to not just provide great support but also build our management panels with functionality and ease of access as our top priority. Nathan W.

Reliable servers, sublime support service. Best host I've used :)

The servers can be accessed, edited and worked on with effectively no delays in the slightest. Originally I was having an issue getting accessing a mysql database from another server. So I started a support chat with them, instantly got a chat going and we worked through the issue efficiently to figure out the solution we needed. (Firewall was doing it's job too well) If you choose this host you will likely have no problems at all with anything you want to do with it. If you do end up with any problem, the support chat can more than likely help sort it out. Also bargain pricing.

Posted at 2018-01-25 20:59:42, by: Oliver Burgwin

Company Response

Thank you, Oliver, for the review! We're happy that our services have worked efficiently for you and that our support has helped you with any issues you had. We take pride in our support teams kindness and knowledge and we will continue to make sure our support deals with every issue professionally while also getting the issue resolved in a timely manor. Regarding the Database issue, That machine had very recently been provisioned and still had a few kinks to work out with the firewall that we had not noticed and I do apologize for that. Nathan W.

This is the best host I have ever used!

I tried this out nearly a year ago with their standard $10.25 Plan it worked out amazingly I have used their Web Hosting as well so far I have honestly loved EmperorHosting the only bad things I have found is lack of locations but that is understandable I will still give a 5/5 Star Review due to the Great & Fast support amazing pricing and just because it is generally an amazing hosting company.

Posted at 2018-01-14 04:05:53, by: RockerOfWorlds

Company Response

Thank you! We're glad that our services and support have been satisfactory and we do plan on expanding to new locations very soon. -Nathan

No Doubt The Best Hosting Company!

I have been hosting servers from this company for a steady year and the service and satisfaction of having zero issues over this extended period of time are unbelievable! I am happy that I made the choice to host my servers through this company and could not imagine hosting with anyone else in the future. This company has outstanding customer support that is also fast to save you time so you can get back to working on your server. Most support tickets are answered nearly immediately compared to other hosting companies and the support team is highly experienced in the field and knows the solution to almost any question you throw at them. As for the products they offer you cannot beat the prices for what you get. I have owned a VPS from this company for around a year and over that time I have had ZERO downtime on my servers. If you are wanting to be serious about your servers with amazing uptime and affordable prices then this is the best option for you no doubt. Overall this company deserves more than 5 stars and I only see it getting better as a business in the future. -Rusted Gaming

Posted at 2017-11-29 16:11:18, by: Hoonigan |

Company Response

Thanks! I'm glad that you have had a great experience with our VPS's. We work very hard to make sure that they are up to par to run most of the latest game servers and programs and we hope to continue to provide quality hosting for you and your community. -Nathan

Really Friendly support

I came on there website for a pre-sales question I thought they are one of the nicer ones on the live chat, they helped me good and I am glad that they are acting professional like a company should act like.

Posted at 2017-11-29 08:22:50, by: Tycho Loke

Company Response

Thank you for the review. All of our staff specially trained to not only provide helpful support but also provide very mature and professional support and If there is anything you think we need to improve on our support chats feel free to let us know. -Nathan

No words can describe how great they are...

Out of as many hosting companies I've used to host products on, out of all the reviews and sales and prices of all the internet's finest results. You simply cant compare any of them to Emperor Hosting. The very first thing I and anyone will realize when they look at their site and panels, is how CLEAN and SIMPLE it is! Every single aspect is organized to the best way possible. You are the thought and hard work that the workers of this company has put into to create this experience for YOU. I personally cant even start at a simple subject, to explain how no word powerful enough to say how great they are. When you first purchase your selected game server, or hosting service of your choosing. You are greeted with open arms of service, performance, quality, pleasure, and support of every single thing that you are given access to. Your designated control system, or game panel is laid out for you in a way where you can use it freely, with almost no help or manual procedure to read about, or understand. Your options of access are shown to you, and you can EASILY operate them with again almost no help in the way of understanding. I compare their panels to Google Docs, whatever you make or edit simply saves automatically. Without the hassle of remembering to save, you are able to work on multiple opened pages on your web browser to finish separate activities at the same time! No hosting company I have ever used has been able to do can be logged in with an including 4 Sub-users that can work while not being kicked out is absolutely phenomenal, work speeds up and nothing goes to waste as everyone has their purpose to make their project a success. While topping it off, I cant tell you how great the support is... My jaw hit the floor when I ran a stopwatch going to a total of 7 minutes after I sent my paragraph long email of help for a certain product I purchased. Not only was the service fast, but it was perfect in information and accurate telling of professional help from the amazing workers of this proud company. I can go on and on about Emperor Hosting, but I want to keep this review to a minimal for short attention reviewers. In conclusion, I have been given almost equivalent to royalty by this company and with the tears in my eyes writing this final sentence I want to say. Thank you Emperor Hosting! For absolutely everything you have done in terms of service and excellence for me, and the incredible fast support given to me by the team. I will continue to be a more than proud customer of this company, and will do my best to honor its very existence. Thank you again Emperor Hosting, this is for you!

Posted at 2017-11-26 07:56:21, by: Ethan Bonn

Company Response

We greatly appreciate the time you spent writing this review, Ethan. We are very dedicated on making our Support, Performance and Server Quality the best it can be and we thank you for your continued support for Emperor Hosting and we hope to continue doing business with you for as long as you need a host. -Nathan

No one does it better than Emperor Hosting.

Direct line of communication to staff, problems resolved typically instantly. They are really communicative, never a black spot in customer support. The service its self is well worth the price, and they are getting better by the day. As long as Emperor Hosting is around, I will purchase their products.

Posted at 2017-11-10 23:52:41, by: Harry Mosley

Company Response

Thanks, Harry! We try our best to communicate with the customer as quickly and as friendly as possible while also providing our expertise on any issues or questions clients may have. -Nathan

The best!

The first time I started my server with them, I thought it was going to be crap, until i fell in love! I tested the servers and was proud to see that I set off 16 nukes and very little lag was seen. The staff response was within five minutes and was informative. I love there network, you should try it out!

Posted at 2017-11-04 21:45:32, by: Ashton

Company Response

Thanks, Ashton. We're very happy to hear that your server performance has been exceptional and we will continue to work optimizing it to make the performance better and better. -Nathan


Just overall amazing and I have never had any problems with them. Hours for help are reasonablely timed. The Owner has a very mature and proficient way of keeping customers (cheap prices for good quality)

Posted at 2017-11-02 01:18:59, by: Gregory Skon

Company Response

Thank you, Greg! We're constantly working to improve our Support and Services to provide better quality and better pricing. -Nathan

Love this company

Everyone in this company has helped in one way or another, I've hosted with them for 6 months and I've had no issues with downtime or lag on any of my servers... I have the VPS option and the only issues I've had were due to ignorance of self and Nathan (the CEO) Helped me every step of the way

Posted at 2017-10-30 02:43:59, by: David C. Staros

Company Response

Thank you for the review, David! We are very happy to hear that you have had no issues with our Virtual Private Servers and we thank you for your continued support for our company. -Nathan

Amazing Company!

Amazing service, and company, and there is actually support unlike *cough* GoDaddy *cough* Although great services, and would highly recommend to all my friends and family. Keep up the work Nathan and your team.

Posted at 2017-10-26 19:34:13, by: Jake Winters

Company Response

We appreciate the review and we're glad that our customer service has been satisfactory. My Team and I will continue to work on building a stronger hosting company. -Nathan


My Experience with this hosting is the best I've ever seen. The hosting dedicate a massive amount of time on support, in fact, it the fastest any hosting has provided me with; not to mention for such cheap price as well! The CEO is a nice guy and really takes all suggestions into considerations as well as providing help with any question even if they're noobish or not. they provide DDOS protection, Good Quality Servers that are at top-notch performance - Erwin

Posted at 2017-10-19 20:57:52, by: Shadow

Company Response

Thank you for the review! We try to answer as many questions as we can while also providing a professional and helpful personality. -Nathan


It is pretty cheap considering other servers and it's for 128 slots. It never lags when so many people are on either. The support is very good whenever I needed help they would always be glad to help. I can't think of any better host to pick from than this hosting.

Posted at 2017-10-19 19:19:04, by: Hunter Verdin

Company Response

We appreciate the kind words! Our Support spends a lot of time making sure we provide fastest and most helpful support. -NW


Amazing prices, support and preformance. I have been with emperorhosting for a few months now and they are absolutely outstanding.

Posted at 2017-10-19 19:16:31, by: Scott

Company Response

Thank you, Scott! Pricing, Support, and Performance are the 3 main things we focus on at Emperor Hosting and we work very hard to make sure they are the best in the business. -NW